An expansive facility in Antarctica - Orpheum City was founded and constructed after the events of the Awakening. Chosen because of the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) which limits the use of the continent to scientific research, Orpheum City invites people from around the world to apply for citizenship and enter into the most advanced society on the planet. Focusing on social and scientific innovation, many of the experiments and revelations discovered here are then integrated into cultures across the world.

Inside the enormous compound experiments are run throughout the day, ranging from education, medical trials, engineering, and anything else that has been deemed acceptable by Orpheum City’s Governing Council and then approved by PromiseKeeper. Because of the transparency required to maintain such a huge facility there is little room for experimentation that may be deemed… unethical. This is where The Prison comes into play.

Constructed on the most remote island in the world, Tristan da Cunha, the site is officially designated as an observational station to monitor the South Atlantic Anomaly and Van Allen Radiation.

This is a cover, of course, and beneath the facade research station exterior, a huge network subterranean network houses those who might corrupt or otherwise diminish the impact of Orpheum City.

Orpheum City’s Slogan:
Scientia est Future - Knowledge is the Future

The Prison’s Slogan:
In Omni Scientia - Science Above All

New technology and goods are regularly released from Orpheum City’s numerous facilities - from medicines and commercial items, to new practices for healthier lifestyles, eating habits, and self-care.

Most of the world’s remaining countries send their best and brightest to Orpheum City, ensuring it is regularly staffed with new minds and has new concepts to pursue.

Since the development and launch of PromiseKeeper, however, there has unquestionably been a more devote focus on improving the digital frontier and returned interest on human augmentation and education.

Much of this is seen as innocent and there are no signs, even in the present, to suggest concern should be raised.