The Awakening event, sometimes referred to as ‘The Greatest Leap Forward’, is a moment in recent history when all augmented humans with neurological implants connect, creating, for a short period, a gestalt entity capable of filling in any known knowledge gap.

Unfortunately, the result of this comes two-fold: first, few of those who connected were left unchanged and undamaged by the experience. Many were driven insane by the sheer volume of potential information, while others felt the loss of the disconnect and demanded for the process to be recreated - stating that the potential benefit outweighed any collateral damage that might come as a result of it. Government responses, those that were still operating during the ensuing chaos, were unanimous. The Awakening was too dangerous to ever be allowed to occur again.

With the world thrown into discord and horror, remaining global superpowers come together to form a new organization - The United World Commission (UWC) - whose purpose is to ensure responsible use and development of technology in this new, terrifying and exciting period of Biotechnical Revolution. Not all everybody is so eager to join the UWC, however, and a line in the sand is drawn between these groups. All the while, fighting continues against both the augmented humans driven to madness and the newly-formed UWC forces sent to help restore order.

Various factions outside the UWC taking issue with governmental doctrine and believing that their rights to be ‘awakened’ are being infringed upon take to rioting, domestic terrorism, and general acts of discord and mischief in an attempt to bring recognition to their cause. Millions of humans are caught at intersection points between these groups and are forced to choose a side or be swept up in the ensuing chaos.

The reason for the Awakening has been a focus of research at Orpheum City since shortly after construction was completed. Most specialists call attention to a faulty code appearing to have either manifested accidentally, or been deliberately added to the PopuNet connecting neurologically-enhanced humans across the world. How it was ignored during quality control checks and trial runs remains something of a mystery, however

World governments and corporations joined together in the disorder that followed the Awakening. Many modern citizens live in ignorance that the issues have not been fully resolved, with racial and cultural tensions bringing more finger-pointing and distrust to the political scene.