After the events of the Awakening the remaining world powers came together for an emergency summit to determine the next steps to restoring order and regaining territories almost entirely descended into rioting, violence, fear, and confusion to their previous states.

More than anything there was the looming possibility that without direct oversight from a responsible party something similar to the Awakening might occur again. The meeting of these desperate and concerned nations saw the founding of a new and united global organization called the United World Commission (UWC). Tasked to work together and provide much needed resources for peacekeeping, and innovation, and for the eventual goal of rebuilding the broken Earth, the UWC moves into a position of power quickly. Establishing the new global law system and determining which areas require assistance the soonest, the UWC’s policies are not without criticism from those willing and unwilling to join the ranks of those under its banner.

With strict penalizations and consequences for those who fail to follow them, the UWC is seen both as savior and a new form of tyranny.

Publicly, the UWC presents itself as a positive and responsible organization whose driving purpose is to ensure humanity and the Earth’s sustainability, repair, and to act as guides helping build towards a better future. However, the means and measures with which the UWC has already showed it is prepared to go to in order to accomplish this has been compared to totalitarianism.

Due to the extensive reach and influence the UWC and its council members have over the daily operations of the countries under its name establishing a physical site to operate from has been a careful process, resulting in a groundbreaking ceremony in Antarctica. Here, the various communications, planning, experimentation, development, and research programs under the UWC are carried out. A focal point for scientific and social engineering, the site welcomes only the greatest minds into its fold. This place is named Orpheum City.

Building on the idea of progress, and recognizing the fallibility of humans and individuals, the governing council at Orpheum City move quickly into the launch of a sophisticated artificial intelligence, free from bias, to assist with planning and organization within the community and on a global scale. PromiseKeeper they call it.

Crafting an elaborate digital network, PromiseKeeper goes about providing counsel and advice on ways to improve and re-establish order across the broken world. Areas are procedurally divided to best reflect cultural, social, and corporate points as to ensure any escalating tensions can be monitored and negotiations can be handled between different countries without bias. However, the UWC’s intentions are clear: total control of the world.

There are some who have suggested that the Awakening Event may have been a power move implemented to encourage the development of the UWC to begin with. Impossible to prove given the lack of documentation salvaged from before the UWC became the only source for information and news.

Many have begun to suspect that the UWC is much more than the good it implies to be doing at the surface.